Katie Town is an illustrator based in London. Her practice features reportage illustration and social commentary, documenting her travels, photographing, and drawing on the go. Inspired by vintage imagery and 1960s design, Katie's work draws influence from the past and the present. 
Graduating with first-class honours in 2021, Katie studied Illustration and Visual Media at the London College of Communication. Working with a range of traditional materials, Katie uses paint, pencil, collage and print to create bold and playful illustrations that document place and time. 

Sharpen Up Mod Zine 2021 Issue 7/Illustrator's Fair 

The Shoorah Box / Oh You Pretty Earrings!/ Monty Lee's Vintage/
Scoot​​​​​​​ The Thames/Avantimoto Restorations/Museum of Youth Culture
/Youth Culture Archive

UCA - Foundation Show 2018
UCA - Zandra Rhodes Gallery FE Exhibition 2018
UAL - Online Graduate Showcase 2021
Whitechapel Gallery - London Open Takeover 2022
Whitechapel Gallery - Public Gallery - Film and Performance 2023

Email: katietown25@gmail.com

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